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  Did You Know - Short Cruises  
Each week you will read about different aspects of cruising.  It could be about destinations, ships, amenities, etc..  Keep coming back each week for your "DID YOU KNOW?"



Not everyone can get away for long periods of time. For that reason Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Princess, Celebrity and Carnival Cruise Lines have three – six night cruises. They sail out of Miami, Boston, Seattle, Vancouver and NYC. The three day sailing usually departs on Friday and comes back on Monday morning. Excellent for those who can’t and/or just don’t want to take too much, if any, time from their jobs. For those who can, or just want to take off a few days, the four and five day cruise will usually leave on Mondays or Tuesdays.   
These cruises are simply to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a few days. Leave all your worries behind. They are priced just right. Fares for a three night cruise on the off season can begin at approx. $400 p/p. That will include your cabin, meals, entertainment, transportation, taxes, port charges and fees. Let’s compare it to going to a hotel for a 3 night stay.. You will pay $150 p/p per nt plus city and hotel taxes at a decent hotel. Then you will want to eat I’m sure, add another $50 p/p a day at least, Want to dance? How about $10 – $25 just to get into a club!? Want to see a show, add another $60 - $100 p/p. All that while you stay in the same city/location the entire time. That’s a total of approx. $800 p/p. A cruise can save you up to 50% p/p PLUS take you to a couple of different locations. Norwegian Cruise Line includes FREE drinks to the price of the 3/4 night Bahamian/Cuba cruises on the Norwegian Sky out of Miami & the Norwegian Sun out of Port Canaveral. That, if you like your cocktails or if you just like a glass of wine with your meals, can be a HUGE savings!!!
The short cruises that sail from Miami basically take you to Key West, Cozumel, Belize Havana and/or Bahamas. There you can enjoy the clear blue warm waters, nice white sandy beaches or just enjoy the solitude of the ship since many passengers will be ashore. If you stay onboard you may also get to enjoy reduced prices at the spa and bar! 4/5 nt Cruises are also available out of Seattle, Vancouver, NYC, Los Angeles and Boston. These cruises will take you to Canada, Mexico and Bermuda.
Short cruises are also the perfect test for those of you who have never cruised. At the end of the cruise you will certainly be saying….”Is it over already!?”